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Please complete the form below to make a service request. If you have multiple appliances that require repairs, please enter a separate request for each appliance.

If priority service is required, do not make your service request online. Priorities constitute either no heat between the dates of October 15th to April 15th, or actively leaking water sourced from a covered appliance or system not controlled by a stop valve.

For priority service, please call us at 866-837-9762 where priority calls are taken 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Routine repair, maintenance and service calls will be called back within 3-5 days for scheduling. Scheduling is provided Monday through Friday during normal working hours. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, leave immediately and call 911.

Reminder: Appliances are not fully covered until 30 days after you sign up for the HomeSmart® Repair Plan or add an appliance to your existing Repair Plan. If you have a service need within the first 30 days, HomeSmart will schedule that repair and bill you in three equal monthly payments on your Xcel Energy bill, with approved credit.

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Find the best appliance for your home, family, and budget.

Contact us for a free in-home estimate to discuss the right appliances for your home. Our experts take a friendly, informative approach, and they are committed to making sure the appliances you purchase are also right for your budget.

Your free in-home consultation includes:
  • A full heat load calculation to determine the size of the equipment for your home. Several measurements will be taken on your home including square footage, window sizes, window directions, and count of exterior doors.
  • An assessment of your individual needs regarding noise, hot and cold spots, the effects of equipment short cycling, and the benefits of multi-stage and variable speed technologies.
  • Addressing any concerns you have about indoor air quality and recommend solutions.
  • A survey of your existing equipment and review any code corrections or other areas of concern. This will ensure you have the safest and highest quality installation.
  • A detailed, easy to understand proposal that includes brand/model specific literature for the products and services reviewed.

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